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Updated!  So now there should be links there weren't before. :P

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My laptop screen died!!!!!!!! Thankfully I'm not cut off from the internet (My phone, my wii, and nook all give me access at home) but nothing with a regular keyboard!! Arg!!!

I'm hoping to get a new one or get it fixed soon. Wish me luck it's driving me crazy.
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Title: Clarity
Author: AyLee Cambell
Rating: PG-13 - for language.
Prompt: Ever since we met it’s been what I’m doing wrong…but I’m not the one with the problem here. From the Puck/Rachel drabble meme.
Prompt by: [info]sarcastic_fina
Summary: Rachel suddenly gains some clarity about Finn and about her life.
Warnings: Not beta’d.

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I've been kinda a-wall for a little while. I didn't mean to just drop everything but real life was kinda kicking my ass and I needed to take some time to get things back in order. Things are finally starting to get back on track in my life and I feel really bad that I was neglecting the parker_eliot community. I would have been coming back in time for the new season even if things weren't going welll in my life, but I'm happy that things seem to be going better.

I've quit my job and I've moved and well, things are going better. So yay!! :P

But I'll be working on some new fics, and some of my older ones. And, there's a new season!! And hopefully it'll give us all some great Parker/Eliot moments and some that are scripted and not just the great chemistry the characters and actors have together!!

Fic: How they could have met.
Author: AyLee Cambell
Rating: PG
Warnings: None that I can think of.

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If you want the short version, skip to the part that starts in bold...

So, back in January I realized something. In the last three years - since I started the job that I currently have, my writing has slowed down. I used to write all the time but in the last year I hardly wrote anything. I wrote a few things but most of it I couldn't post or didn't finish it completely. (Course, I'm not exactly the best at completing stories sometimes...sorry!!) But it made me take a look at my life, my job, and where I was at.

I want to write. I love to write. Writing is who I am and even if I never get to do it professionally I still want to do it for fun or for a hobbie. It's part of me and it's not something I can cut out of myself or something I'm willing to loose.

So like I said, I took a look at my life and what could be causing the...blockage. I realized I wasn't happy with my job or where I live or the circumstances of either - this was not new news but I was willing to just stick it in there until I thought there was a better option. But loosing my writing, loosing the joy I get from writing, that isn't an option for me. So I decided I was going to quit my job and move back to where I lived before. I gave my notice at the end of January and felt accomplished. I gave them a month notice since replacing me wouldn't be easy. (I'm not saying that because I'm full of myself, it really was going to be tough - I'm the only one who knows how to do everything and the one who runs everything.) But since I work for my dad my notice got extended by a few months. (So not happy, but whatever) So my last day is this month and I'm finally moving back to the place I view as home. (It probably says something that I didn't think of this place as home during my 3+ years here...) But after that I'll only have college two days a week - I'm taking it easy this quarter - and maybe work here one day a week. (I know, but it's my dad and it's hard to say no.)

Since I've decided to quit and move back - or really, the closer I get to actually getting out of here - I've noticed that I'm getting more ideas and I've started writing again. Nothing huge, but I'm starting to write more and more and hopefully that means when I have some freaking time that's not taken over by work I'll actually sit and be able/try to finish some of my stuff. Or you know, write some new stuff. It'll probably be a mix of the two. Some will get finished, others will be put aside because a new idea is more annoying and wont let me think of anything else.  

But as you've suffered through that long rambling story - or just skipped down below and completely missed all of the above (lucky you) - I'm trying to tell you this: 

The reason I haven't posted anything lately is because I'm taking a break. I hope to be back to posting stuff in mid May, June at the latest. I need a break, sorry about the wait and thank you all for being patient with me.


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Had to post it....


As my mom likes to (jokingly) say, 24 years ago I was a pain that she had to bring into this world. Of course I feel better with the knowledge that my sister was a bigger pain to her. She was in labor with my sister for 16 hours and no drugs. I took 4 hours and she got drugs toward the end. So yeah, I think that made it obvious who the good child is... Just kidding. I love my sister. (Most of the time). But that's not the point, the point is this:

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DECEMBER 14TH!!!!!!!!!!!!

So yay!

I am now 24 years old.

Still young enough that announcing my age doesn't bother me. Hell, I still get carded for freaking everything. Including a freaking unrated movie. That pissed me the hell off. Drinking I understand, Smoking I can kinda get, but an unrated movie? I just want to kick your ass. I look younger than what I am, I get that and it's a good thing. But I can't look 16 or 17, please no, I can't. (I probably wouldn't have been so irritated if that hadn't been the one freaking time I left my id in the car and wasn't going to go get it and come back and buy it. Not while wearing the heels I was wearing and with the time constraints. Then it wouldn't have been a big deal, but the lady demanded my ID and wouldn't sell the movie to me, said she HAD to see it because she didn't think I was 17.)

Sorry, my b-day isn't usually a big deal to me, but I feel like I should be excited about it instead of trying to just downplay it like I usually do. It's a birthday, it's meant to be celebrated. :P

 So, that's it. yep. :P

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Trust and Patience
Rookie Blue Fic

By AyLee Cambell

Disclaimer: I don't own this show, I don't make any money from writing this. Please don't sue.

Slight spoilers for Hot and Bothered, and more then just slight for Honor Roll. In fact it probably wont make sense to you if you haven't seen Honor Roll.

AN - I love this show so much! It may be new but it's already one of my favorites. I'm supposed to be working on other things right now, and I could be writing so many other things but this popped out. I spent 20 minutes on it so I can't promise that it's good, but I didn't just want to leave it on my computer when I could post it and hopefully have someone enjoy it. So let me know what you think.
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Making Decisions
Part 2
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Title: Making decisions

Author: AyLee Cambell

Rating: PG-13 for language

Pairings/Character: Rachel/Puck. There is some mention of the Jesse/Rachel and some slight Finn/Rachel but I'm a total Puckelberry fan so no worries.

Warnings: Up to Funk, just to be safe. Funk and Theatricality mostly, and the preview for Regional's. Not Beta'd.

Summary: Before they go on to perform at regional's a lot happens. Decisions are made, and a few truths come out.

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Title: The Snow Job
Series: Keeping the Secret
Author: AyLee Cambell
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: Parker/Eliot
Warnings: Not beta'd


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